What You Should Know About Mobile Payments.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Payments What are mobile payment service providers? There are a number of different mobile payment service providers, each with their own unique offerings. The most popular mobile payment service providers include Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Each of these providers offers a different way to pay … Read more

Media Effect.

The media effect refers to the way the mass media can influence the way we think, feel, and behave. The media can have a positive or negative effect on our trading psychology. For example, if we see a news story about a stock that has lost a lot of value, we may be less likely … Read more

The Board of Directors: Its Role and Purpose.

The Board of Directors: Its Role and Purpose. What is board leadership structure? The board leadership structure of a company refers to the composition and organization of the board of directors, as well as the relationships between the board and the executive management team. The board leadership structure plays a critical role in the overall … Read more