Ratable Accrual Method Definition.

The ratable accrual method is an accounting method used to allocate income and expenses over a period of time. This method is commonly used for businesses that have a large amount of inventory or receivables. Under this method, income and expenses are divided into equal portions and recorded in the accounting records on a regular … Read more

Abacus Definition.

The abacus is a tool used for mathematical calculations that has been in use for centuries. It consists of a frame with a series of beads or disks that can be moved up or down on wires or rods. Each bead or disk represents a different value, and the user can move them around to … Read more

Capital Control.

Capital controls are measures imposed by a government to regulate the flow of capital in and out of the country. They are usually introduced in times of economic or financial instability, in order to prevent a sudden outflow of capital that could destabilize the economy. Capital controls can take many different forms, including restrictions on … Read more