What Is a Fallen Angel in Finance?

In finance, a fallen angel is a bond that has been downgraded by a rating agency. Once a bond is downgraded, it typically becomes more difficult to sell and may trade at a discount to its original price. Fallen angels are often seen as a sign of financial distress, and may be an early warning … Read more

What Is a Black Swan in the Stock Market?

Examples and History. What Is a Black Swan in the Stock Market? Is the black swan event? A black swan event is a highly improbable or unpredictable event that has catastrophic consequences. Black swan events are often characterized by their extreme rarity, their massive impact, and their seemingly inexplicable nature. Is the Black Swan real? … Read more

Announcement Date.

The announcement date is the date when a company announces a new product, service, or initiative. This date is usually selected in advance in order to give the company time to prepare for the launch. The announcement date is often accompanied by a press release and other marketing materials. What does RNS stand for in … Read more