Behind Work Cells.

A behind work cell is a type of manufacturing cell in which the products or materials being worked on are moved from one work station to the next by a conveyor system. This allows for a more efficient use of space and manpower, as the workers do not need to move around the products or … Read more

Accounts Receivable Financing Definition.

Accounts receivable financing is a type of business financing that allows companies to borrow against their accounts receivable, or money that is owed to them by customers. This can be a helpful way for businesses to access cash quickly, as they can typically receive funding within a few days. There are a few different ways … Read more

Mirror Trading Definition.

Mirror trading is a forex trading strategy where traders use computer algorithms to automatically copy the trades of other successful traders. Mirror trading is a popular forex trading strategy because it is a simple way for traders to access the expertise of other successful traders without having to spend any time or effort in developing … Read more

Why Consortiums Matter.

In business, a consortium is a group of two or more organizations that work together to achieve a common goal. Consortiums are formed to pool resources, share expertise, and mitigate risks. There are many reasons why consortiums matter. For one, they provide a way for businesses to cooperate without having to merge or form partnerships. … Read more

Sweetheart Deal Definition.

A sweetheart deal is a business agreement in which one party receives preferential treatment at the expense of the other party. Sweetheart deals are often used in mergers and acquisitions, where the buyer may offer the seller a below-market price for the company’s assets in order to secure the deal. Sweetheart deals can also be … Read more