Growth Industry Definition.

A growth industry is an industry or sector of the economy that is growing at an above-average rate. Growth industries are typically characterized by high levels of innovation, strong demand, and high levels of investment. Some of the most well-known growth industries in recent years include the technology sector, the renewable energy sector, and the … Read more

Understanding Silo Mentality.

The term “silo mentality” is often used in business to describe the tendency of employees or departments to work in isolated ways, without sharing information or collaborating with others. This can lead to inefficiencies and a lack of innovation. What is silo effect in the business process? Silo effect is a term used to describe … Read more

What Is a Cashless Conversion?

A cashless conversion is an options or futures trading strategy in which the trader buys or sells an asset and immediately offsetting the position with an equal and opposite transaction. The purpose of a cashless conversion is to take advantage of a temporary price discrepancy between the spot price and the futures price of an … Read more