Insider Trading Definition.

Insider trading refers to the buying or selling of a security by a person who has access to material, nonpublic information about the security. Insider trading can be legal or illegal, depending on the circumstances. Which of the following best defines insider trading? Insider trading is a term used to describe trading in a security … Read more

Spot Market: Definition and How It Works.

. What is the Spot Market? The spot market is a financial market in which assets or commodities are traded for immediate delivery. This contrasts with the futures market, in which assets or commodities are traded for delivery at a later date. What are spot orders? Spot orders are market orders that are placed and … Read more

Old Lady Definition.

The Old Lady Definition is a set of guidelines used by the Bank of England to help it set monetary policy. The definition was first set out in a speech by then-Governor Mervyn King in 2003, and it has been used by the bank ever since. The definition is based on the idea that the … Read more