Retained Cash Flow (RCP).

Retained cash flow (RCP) is a term used in corporate finance to describe the amount of cash that a company keeps on its balance sheet after paying out dividends to shareholders. RCP can be a useful metric for investors to assess a company’s financial health and its ability to reinvest cash back into the business. … Read more

What Is a Bond Covenant?

A bond covenant is a contract between a bond issuer and a bondholder that establishes certain rights and obligations of each party. The covenant is typically written into the bond indenture, which is the legal document that governs the relationship between the issuer and the holder. The covenant typically gives the holder the right to … Read more

Accounting Conservatism Definition.

Accounting conservatism is an accounting principle that requires accountants to use caution when recording estimates and to record losses before gains. This principle is also known as the “prudent man rule.” What are the 3 balance sheets? The 3 balance sheets are the balance sheet for assets, liabilities, and equity. What is a sentence for … Read more

Residual Income: What It Is, Types, and How to Make It.

What is residual income? There are different types of residual income. How can you make residual income? How do residual payments work? When a company reports its earnings, it includes both its operating income and any non-operating income. Non-operating income includes items such as interest income, income from investments, and gains (or losses) from the … Read more