Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): What They Are, How They Work, and Examples.

PPPs: Definition, How They Work, and Examples How many types of PPP are there? There are four types of PPP: 1. Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure 2. Public-Private Partnerships for Social Services 3. Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Development 4. Public-Private Partnerships for National Security How do you build effective public/private partnerships? There is no one-size-fits-all answer … Read more

What Is Reintermediation?

Reintermediation is the process of using new intermediaries to replace traditional intermediaries in the financial system. In other words, reintermediation is the process of financial innovation. Reintermediation can take many forms. For example, new financial technology (fintech) firms are using the internet and mobile technology to provide financial services directly to consumers, bypassing traditional banks … Read more