What Is a Currency Certificate?

A currency certificate is a physical certificate that proves that the holder owns a certain amount of a foreign currency. Currency certificates are typically issued by banks or other financial institutions, and can be used as a way to store foreign currency or to make international payments. What time currency options expire? The expiration date … Read more

Vested Benefit Obligation (VBO).

A Vested Benefit Obligation (VBO) is a measure of the retirement benefits that an employer has promised to its employees. It is the present value of all benefits that have been earned by employees as of the balance sheet date. The VBO is important because it represents a liability of the employer. The VBO must … Read more

Cutoff Point.

A cutoff point is the point at which a trader decides to take action on a trade. This could be the point at which the trader enters a trade, or it could be the point at which the trader decides to exit a trade. A cutoff point is typically based on a technical analysis of … Read more