Strong Form Efficiency Definition.

The strong form efficiency definition states that all information, both public and private, is fully reflected in market prices. This means that no one can consistently outperform the market by using any information that is not publicly available. Strong form efficiency is the most stringent form of efficiency and is difficult to achieve in practice. … Read more

Warehouse Bond.

A warehouse bond is a type of corporate insurance that protects a company’s inventory from damage or loss. The bond is typically issued by a bank or insurance company and is used to secure a loan that is used to purchase the inventory. If the inventory is damaged or lost, the bond pays for the … Read more

Tit for Tat.

The term “tit for tat” is used to describe a situation where one person reciprocates the actions of another person. In other words, if person A does something nice for person B, then person B is likely to do something nice for person A in return. This type of reciprocity is often seen as a … Read more