What Is Cash Available For Debt Service (CADS)?

“Cash Available for Debt Service” (CADS) is a term used to describe the amount of cash a company has available to make payments on its debt obligations. The CADS figure is important for investors to consider when assessing a company’s financial health, as it can give insights into the company’s ability to service its debt … Read more

Porter’s 5 Forces Explained and How to Use the Model.

Porter’s 5 Forces Explained Porter’s 5 Forces is a framework for analyzing the competitive forces shaping an industry. It is a tool used by businesses to identify opportunities and threats in the marketplace. The 5 forces are: 1. Threat of new entrants 2. Bargaining power of buyers 3. Bargaining power of suppliers 4. Threat of … Read more

What Is the Tax-to-GDP Ratio?

The tax-to-GDP ratio is the ratio of a country’s total tax revenue to its gross domestic product (GDP). The tax-to-GDP ratio is often used as a measure of the tax burden, as it indicates the percentage of a country’s GDP that is collected in taxes. In general, countries with a high tax-to-GDP ratio are seen … Read more