Micro Accounting.

Micro accounting is a process whereby businesses keep track of their finances on a very small scale. This might involve tracking expenditure and income on a daily or weekly basis, or even on an hourly basis. businesses use micro accounting in order to stay on top of their spending and ensure that they are not … Read more

Understanding Facilities.

The term “understanding facilities” refers to the practice of analyzing and understanding the financial statements of a company in order to make informed decisions about its future. This can include reviewing the company’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement in order to better understand its financial position and performance. Additionally, understanding facilities can … Read more

Annualized Income Installment Method.

The annualized income installment method is a way of paying your taxes that is based on your expected income for the year. This method allows you to make smaller payments throughout the year, rather than one large payment at tax time. The annualized income installment method is a good option for taxpayers who have a … Read more