What Is Adjudication?

Adjudication is the legal process by which a dispute is resolved by a court or other tribunal. The adjudication process typically involves the submission of evidence and arguments by the parties to the dispute, and the rendering of a decision by the tribunal. What is adjudication advantages and disadvantages? Adjudication is a process of dispute … Read more

Marginal Cost Meaning, Formula, and Examples.

Marginal Cost: Meaning, Formula, and Examples. What is marginal cost benefit analysis? Marginal cost benefit analysis (MCBA) is a tool used by economists to analyze the costs and benefits of a proposed project. MCBA can be used to compare different projects, or to choose the most efficient way to achieve a given goal. MCBA is … Read more

What Are Ordinary Shares of Stock?

Ordinary shares of stock are the most common type of stock and are typically the first type of stock issued by a company. Ordinary shares give the holder voting rights and entitle them to receive dividends, if declared. The holder of ordinary shares also has a residual claim on the assets of the company in … Read more