Virtual Data Room (VDR) Definition.

A virtual data room, also known as a VDR, is a secure online repository for storing and sharing sensitive documents. VDRs are commonly used during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, where both sides need to exchange due diligence information. VDRs can also be used for other purposes, such as initial public offerings (IPOs) and real … Read more

Tax-Free Definition.

The tax-free definition is the legal definition of what income is exempt from taxation. The definition varies from country to country, but in general, it includes income from investments, such as dividends and capital gains, as well as certain types of government benefits. In the United States, the tax-free definition also includes some types of … Read more

What Is Change in Finance?

In finance, change is defined as the rate of return on an investment over a period of time. Change can be measured in absolute terms (e.g. dollars) or in relative terms (e.g. percentage). Change can also be described as the difference between the current price of an asset and its price at some previous time. … Read more

Minimum Balance.

A minimum balance is the minimum amount of money that a bank or credit union requires a customer to keep in their account in order to avoid being charged a fee. The minimum balance is usually set by the bank or credit union and is typically based on the type of account the customer has. … Read more