Understanding Segregation.

The term “segregation” refers to the separation of people or things into different groups or categories. In the business world, segregation can refer to the separation of employees into different departments or job roles, the separation of customers into different market segments, or the separation of products into different categories. Segregation can be a helpful … Read more

Audit Trail.

An audit trail is a sequence of records that document when a particular event occurred. In the context of investing, audit trails are commonly used to track the purchase and sale of securities. Audit trails can also be used to track the movements of assets between different accounts or locations. Audit trails can be used … Read more

How Purchasing Systems Work.

Purchasing systems are the systems and processes that organizations use to buy the goods and services they need. The goal of a purchasing system is to obtain the best possible price for the goods or services purchased, while ensuring that the quality of the goods or services meets the organization’s standards. Purchasing systems typically involve … Read more