Hungarian Forint (HUF) Definition.

The Hungarian forint is the official currency of Hungary. The forint was introduced in 1946, replacing the pengő at a rate of 1 forint = 4×1029 pengő. In August 1945, the National Bank of Hungary took over the issuance of banknotes from the Hungarian National Bank. The forint was subdivided into 100 fillér. The name … Read more


A lessee is an individual who has signed a lease agreement with a lessor in order to rent a property from them. The lease agreement will detail the terms of the rental, such as the length of the lease, the amount of rent that is due, and any other rules or restrictions that the lessee … Read more

What Are Defined Contribution Plans, and How Do They Work?

What are defined contribution plans? How do defined contribution plans work? What is the defined contribution limit for 2022? The defined contribution limit for 2022 is $19,500. Are defined contribution plans tax-deductible? Yes, defined contribution plans are tax-deductible. This is because the contributions that are made to the plan are made with after-tax dollars. What … Read more

Paying Agent Definition.

A paying agent is a financial institution that is authorized to disburse payments on behalf of a company or other entity. The paying agent may be a bank, trust company, or other type of financial institution. The entity that appoints the paying agent is typically the issuer of bonds or other debt securities. The paying … Read more