Accounting Valuation.

Accounting valuation is the process of determining the value of an asset or liability for financial reporting purposes. The value may be based on market value, historic cost, or some other basis. The valuation process requires the use of judgment and professional skills to determine the most appropriate valuation method and estimate the value of … Read more

Oligopoly: Definition, Meaning, and Characteristics.

. Oligopoly: Meaning and Characteristics in a Market What is oligopoly and examples? Oligopoly is a market structure in which there are only a few sellers (or producers). This typically happens when there are high barriers to entry into the market. For example, the auto industry in the United States is an oligopoly because it … Read more

Net Short Definition.

Net short definition: The net short definition is the total value of a portfolio’s short positions minus the total value of its long positions. A net short position exists when the value of a portfolio’s short positions is greater than the value of its long positions. How do shorts work? An investor who is short … Read more