What Is a Portfolio Plan?

A portfolio plan is a roadmap that guides the decision-making process for an organization’s portfolio of projects. The plan helps to ensure that the portfolio is aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives and that projects are selected and prioritized based on their expected contribution to those objectives. A portfolio plan typically includes a high-level overview … Read more

Ex Gratia Payments and Why Companies Make Them.

Ex gratia payments are payments made by a company to someone without any legal obligation to do so. These payments are often made to compensate someone for a loss or inconvenience, and they are usually made in addition to any other payments that may be due. There are many reasons why a company may make … Read more

Blacklist Definition.

A blacklist definition refers to a situation in which a firm or individual is excluded from a particular activity or transaction due to their past behavior. Blacklisting can be used as a form of punishment for bad behavior, or as a way to protect other firms or individuals from potential harm. What is a sentence … Read more