Capitation Payments Definition.

A capitation payment is a fixed amount of money paid by an insurer to a healthcare provider for each person covered by a health insurance policy. The payment is made regardless of whether or not the person actually uses any healthcare services during the period covered by the policy. The purpose of a capitation payment … Read more

EDGX Definition.

EDGX Definition: EDGX is a U.S. stock exchange operated by CBOE Global Markets. It trades mostly growth and technology stocks. What is Taq NYSE? The NYSE Taq (Trade and Quote) database is a direct feed from the New York Stock Exchange that includes all trades and quotes for NYSE-listed securities. The NYSE Taq database is … Read more

What Are Transaction Costs?

Definition, How They Work and Example. What are transaction costs? Transaction costs are fees charged by a financial institution for the services of conducting a transaction. These fees can include the costs of commission, exchange, and clearing. What is transaction cost theory in international business? Transaction cost theory (TCT) is a body of economic thought … Read more

Flag Definition.

A flag definition is a technical analysis tool that is used to identify a potential trend reversal. Flags are composed of two parallel trendlines that converge towards each other, creating a flag-like shape. These trendlines are typically created by a sharp price move, followed by a period of consolidation. The flag definition is used to … Read more