Open Position Ratio Definition.

The open position ratio is the percentage of all open positions that are held by a particular currency pair. For example, if the EUR/USD pair is currently trading at 1.1700 and there are 100,000 EUR/USD contracts open, then the open position ratio for the EUR/USD would be 100,000/1.1700 = 85.47%. What is closed position in … Read more

Torrens Certificate.

The Torrens certificate is a document that is issued by the government which guarantees the title to a piece of real estate. The certificate is named after the man who developed the system, Sir Robert Torrens. The Torrens system is a system of land registration which is used in many jurisdictions around the world. The … Read more

What Is a Renounceable Right?

A renounceable right is a right that can be transferred or sold by the holder to another party. This type of right is often attached to shares of stock, giving the holder the ability to sell or transfer their shares to someone else without having to go through the process of selling the entire company. … Read more