An acquirer is a company that completes a merger or acquisition with another company. The term can also refer to the person or group of people who initiate the transaction. In a merger or acquisition, the acquirer is the company that is buying or taking over another company. The target company is the company that … Read more

Tailgating Definition.

Tailgating is the practice of following a vehicle closely, usually without maintaining a safe distance between the two vehicles. Tailgating can lead to serious accidents, and is often considered a reckless or aggressive driving behavior. What is tailgating in cyber security? Tailgating in cyber security refers to the unauthorized access of a computer or network … Read more

Net Change Definition.

The net change definition is the difference between the current price of a security and its price at the previous close. For example, if a security is currently trading at $10 and its previous close was $9, the net change would be $1. Net change is often used as a measure of market activity or … Read more

Form 1040: U.

S. Individual Tax Return Definition, Types, and Use. Form 1040: Definition, Types, and Use of the U.S. Individual Tax Return What are the 3 tax forms? There are three main tax forms that individuals can use to file their taxes: the 1040, the 1040A, and the 1040EZ. The 1040 is the most comprehensive of the … Read more