Debt Overhang.

Debt overhang is a situation where a firm’s outstanding debt is so high that it discourages potential investors from providing new financing, even though the new financing would be used to invest in productive projects that would increase the value of the firm. The main reason why debt overhang can be a problem is that … Read more

The Peter Principle: Overcoming It.

. The Peter Principle and How to Overcome It What is the Paul Principle? In business, the Paul Principle is the idea that people tend to promote themselves to their own level of incompetence. The principle is named after its originator, Laurence J. Peter, who popularized it in his 1969 book The Peter Principle. The … Read more


In the context of government and policy, attachment refers to the act of attaching or affixing something to something else. For example, a rider may be attached to a bill in order to change the bill’s provisions. Which comes first appendix or annex? There is no definitive answer to this question as it can depend … Read more

How to interpret R-squared values in regression.

. How to interpret the R-squared formula for linear regression. How do you interpret a linear regression equation? A linear regression equation is an equation that describes a linear relationship between two variables. The equation is of the form: Y = a + bX where Y is the dependent variable (the variable that is being … Read more