Retail Fund Definition.

A retail fund is a type of mutual fund that is made available to individual investors through broker-dealers and other financial intermediaries. Retail funds are typically open-ended, meaning that they can be bought and sold on a daily basis. The term “retail fund” is used in contrast to “institutional fund,” which refers to mutual funds … Read more

Caveat Emptor: What It Is and What Replaced It.

Caveat Emptor: What It Is and What Replaced It. What is the opposite of caveat emptor? Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that means “let the buyer beware.” It is often used in reference to situations where someone purchases something without fully understanding what they are buying. The opposite of caveat emptor would be “caveat … Read more

tZero (t0) Definition.

The tZero (t0) Definition is a cryptocurrency strategy & education term that refers to the moment when a transaction is first recorded on the blockchain. This moment is also known as the “genesis block” or the “first block” and is considered to be the starting point of the blockchain. Transactions that occur after the tZero … Read more