When Windows of Opportunity Matter.

When Windows of Opportunity Matter In business, a window of opportunity is a brief period of time during which a company can capitalize on a trends or market conditions to achieve a competitive advantage. A window of opportunity may also refer to a shorter timeframe within which a company must act to avoid missing out … Read more


A shoestring budget is a very tight or bare-bones budget. It is often used to describe the budget of a start-up business or a household with very little income. A shoestring budget typically includes only the absolute essentials, and cuts out any discretionary spending. For example, a household on a shoestring budget might only spend … Read more

Split-Offs and Reorganizing Divestitures.

Split-Offs and Reorganizing Divestitures What are the types of demerger? A demerger is a type of corporate restructuring in which a company splits itself into two or more independent companies. The process can be either voluntary or involuntary, and can be undertaken for a variety of reasons, including to increase shareholder value, to spin off … Read more