Price Value of a Basis Point (PVBP).

The price value of a basis point (PVBP) is a measure of the price change of a financial instrument resulting from a one-basis point (0.01%) change in interest rates. It is used to compare the price sensitivity of different financial instruments to changes in interest rates. For example, if the PVBP of a security is … Read more

Commodity Research Bureau Index (CRBI).

The Commodity Research Bureau Index (CRBI) is a basket of 19 commodities weighted according to market value and is designed to be a lead indicator of broad-based commodity price movements. It is calculated using data from the Commodity Research Bureau’s (CRB) Commodity Yearbook and Commodity Indexes. The CRBI is a weighted average of the following … Read more

Knock-Out Option.

A knock-out option is a type of exotic option that becomes void if the underlying asset’s price reaches or exceeds a predetermined price level. The predetermined price level is known as the knock-out price. If the knock-out price is reached or exceeded at any time during the life of the option, the option is immediately … Read more