What Is Average Effective Maturity?

The average effective maturity is the weighted average of the maturities of all the bonds in a portfolio. The weighting is based on the size of each bond’s market value. The average effective maturity is used to measure the sensitivity of a bond portfolio’s value to changes in interest rates. What is the difference between … Read more


In futures and commodities trading, actuals refers to the physical commodities that are being traded. These are the underlying assets that are being bought and sold in the market, as opposed to paper assets such as futures contracts. Actuals can also refer to the actual prices of commodities, as opposed to the prices of futures … Read more

How the Algebraic Method Works.

The algebraic method is a way of solving equations by manipulating the algebraic expressions that make up those equations. This method is often used to solve equations that are too difficult to solve using other methods, such as the graphical method. To use the algebraic method, you must first understand what algebraic expressions are. An … Read more