Forward Swap Definition.

A forward swap definition is a tradeable contract between two parties that agree to swap a series of cash flows at specified dates in the future. The cash flows are typically based on an underlying asset, such as a currency, interest rate, or commodity price. What is a swap in trading? A swap is a … Read more

What Is Paraplanning?

Paraplanning is the process of creating and documenting a financial plan. A paraplanner is a financial professional who assists financial planners in the creation of financial plans. Paraplanning can involve a variety of tasks, such as researching investment options, preparing client presentations, and creating financial projections. What is the average salary in the UK? There … Read more

Third-Party Distributor.

A third-party distributor is an entity that is contracted by a company to distribute its products to retailers or other customers. The distributor is not an employee of the company and is not directly involved in the company’s operations. What does OBD mean in logistics? In logistics, OBD stands for “on-board delivery.” This term refers … Read more