What Is a Deal Ticket?

A deal ticket is a record of a transaction between a buyer and a seller, typically generated by the broker. It includes the date, time, price, quantity, and other important details of the trade. Deal tickets are used by brokers to keep track of their trades, and by investors to track their portfolios. What must … Read more

Competitive Tender.

A competitive tender is a type of auction in which bids are submitted in order to purchase a security, typically a government bond. The highest bidder wins the auction and is awarded the security. The other bidders who submitted lower bids do not win the auction. Competitive tenders are often used by central banks in … Read more

Current Ratio Explained With Formula and Examples.

The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures a company’s ability to pay short-term and long-term obligations. The current ratio is calculated by dividing a company’s current assets by its current liabilities. A company’s ability to pay its short-term obligations is determined by its current assets, which include cash, accounts receivable, and inventory. A … Read more