What Is Money Management?

Money management is the art and science of managing your money so that you can achieve your financial goals. It includes both short-term and long-term planning, as well as risk management. There are a number of different money management strategies that you can use, depending on your goals and the amount of risk you are … Read more

How Accounting Principles Work: GAAP and IFRS.

Accounting Principles: GAAP and IFRS. What is the most important principle of GAAP? There are a number of important principles that underlie GAAP, but one of the most fundamental is the principle of full disclosure. This principle requires that all material information that could reasonably impact a reader’s understanding of a company’s financial statements must … Read more

What Is Delivered-at-Place (DAP) and How Does It Work?

Delivered-at-Place (DAP): Definition and How It Works. Is the DAP means tested? The DAP is not means tested. Why is DAP important? DAP is important because it is the only law that specifically governs the use of deadly force by police officers in the United States. It is also the only law that provides civil … Read more