Pac-Man Defense.

A Pac-Man Defense is a type of hostile takeover defense in which the target company (the “Pac-Man”) aggressively tries to acquire the company that is trying to acquire it (the “predator”). This can be done by the Pac-Man buying up shares of the predator, or by the Pac-Man making its own hostile bid for the … Read more

Internet of Energy (IoE).

The Internet of Energy (IoE) is a term used to describe the trend of energy producers and consumers using information and communication technologies (ICT) to manage the flow of energy. The IoE encompasses a wide range of applications and technologies, including smart meters, renewable energy management systems, demand response systems, and distributed energy resources (DER) … Read more

Blanket Lien.

A blanket lien is a security interest in all of a debtor’s assets that secures any and all obligations the debtor owes to the secured party. A blanket lien gives the secured party the right to seize and sell any of the debtor’s assets to satisfy the debt. This type of lien is often used … Read more