Circulating Capital.

Circulating capital is the portion of capital that is used to finance the day-to-day operations of a company. This includes money that is used to purchase inventory, pay employees, and cover other operating expenses. The goal of circulating capital is to keep the company running smoothly and efficiently. Circulating capital is different from non-circulating capital, … Read more

Staple Thesis Definition.

The staple thesis is a theory of economic development which emphasizes the role of primary commodities in the formation of wealth. The theory suggests that countries which are endowed with abundant natural resources (e.g. oil, minerals, timber, etc.) are more likely to experience economic growth than those without such resources. The staple thesis was first … Read more

Usufruct Definition.

A usufruct is the right to use and enjoy the property of another person for a certain period of time. The usufructuary has the right to use the property for any lawful purpose, but he or she cannot destroy or damage it. At the end of the usufruct, the property must be returned to the … Read more