Quiet Title Action.

A quiet title action is a lawsuit brought by a landowner to establish ownership of a piece of property, usually against someone who claims to have an interest in the property. The goal of the lawsuit is to “quiet” any competing claims to the property, so that the landowner can have clear title to the … Read more

Playing in the Auction Market Requires Competitive Bidding.

In order to win in the auction market, one must be willing to put up a competitive bid. This means that one must be willing to outbid the other participants in the market in order to secure the desired asset. The auction market is a market where buyers and sellers come together to bid on … Read more

What Is a Call Loan Rate?

A call loan rate is the interest rate charged on loans made by brokers to their clients. These loans are typically used to finance the purchase of securities, and the interest rate is generally lower than the rate charged on other types of loans. What is meant by call loan? A call loan is a … Read more