What is speculation?

The term of speculation refers to the financial operations of buying shares or any type of product with the idea of ​​selling them later once the price has changed, and in order to make a profit. Speculating serves to indirectly regulate the market and to create a stock of products in the event of a … Read more

What is a schedule?

The term schedule refers to a schedule of work or activities. It is an essential tool for the elaboration of Business projectsor activities, whether done in conjunction with other people or when done individually. In it, the dates are established along with the start and end times of the activities that will be carried out … Read more

What is sustainable development?

Today, all companies try to launch their products and services in pursuit of sustainable development. They try to win over the public by utilizing this concept which, by many consumers, is often ignored. The concept of sustainable development refers to the awareness of respect for the environment, human life and the species that live on … Read more

What are the strengths of a company?

The definition of strengths in the business area refers to the strengths of a company, those characteristics of the that help you achieve your goals. These are internal factors, which can be controlled by the organization itself. The concept of strengths encompasses those aspects that the entity performs well or that it has, and that … Read more

What is the safety stock?

Safety stock is a term used in logistics to analyze a level of additional actions that are carried out to reduce the risk of stockouts. given the possible uncertainties in supply and demand. One possible reason for this shortage may be the shortage of packaging, products or raw materials. Adequate levels of security allow companies … Read more

What is a server?

The definition of a server is a computer or other type of computer equipment that is responsible for supplying information to a series of clients, whether they are people or other devices connected to it. The data it can transmit is varied and multiple, from computer programs, databases, text, image or video files, etc. What … Read more

What is storytelling?

The meaning of storytelling refers to the art of telling a story, through the story they manage to create a conducive atmosphere, which in marketing it can be used to improve brand image or sales. Therefore, storytelling in marketing is the technique that manages to connect with users, either in writing, orally, or through a … Read more

Technological savings

Technological savings, or technological efficiency, are concepts widely used today and that can be considered synonymous with doing more with less. Technology is one of the products that generates the highest volume of purchases in the world today. Therefore, to save money in this field, it is essential to take into account our needs and … Read more

What is spread?

The term spread in economics refers to the difference between the bid and ask price for a specific security. It can be used as an indicator of the liquidity of a security, where lower spreads would reflect more liquidity, although it is possible that it is also altered by other conditions. In the field of … Read more

What is a stock index?

The definition of stock index is the mathematical weighting of a group of securities listed on the same market to measure the growth or decline of their shares. In a certain way, its objective is to check the strength or weakness of the securities that make up said index. In a more technical way, it … Read more