Three White Soldiers

The Three White Soldiers pattern is a bullish candle formation on a trading chart that occurs at the low point of a bearish trend What does the three white soldiers pattern mean? The three white soldiers pattern or pattern can help you detect if there is a price reversal after a downtrend. But do you … Read more

Short Selling vs Put Options

Short sales and put options are two bearish investment methodologies. The concept of a bearish position can be summarized by saying that the investor will go into profit the moment the price of the security on which he is positioned falls. Difference between Short Selling and Put Options Although both Short Selling and Put Options … Read more

Sell to Open

The term Sell to Open, in the world of financial markets, refers to the moment when a trader decides to open a sell “short position” on a given option. The sale of a financial instrument, especially with reference to derivative instruments, results in the opening of a selling position (or short position). The short position … Read more

What is a silver certificate?

Silver certificates were U.S. currencies issued from 1878 to 1964. Prior to 1968, these certificates were redeemable for the face value of the certificate in silver coins or the equivalent in silver bullion. After 1968, the federal government discontinued the practice of redeeming silver and began allowing owners to redeem certificates only for Federal Reserve … Read more

What is sustainable agriculture?

The safety of the food sold in the world is increasingly inefficient. The policies that are proposed and the institutions that regulate this type of production are not good enough to ensure the quality of the food that the population consumes. Sustainable agriculture seeks to ensure world food security while promoting healthy ecosystems and supporting … Read more

What is the OCR system?

The concept of OCR responds to "Optical Character Recognition", a document digitization process. Thus, the OCR system is an analysis through which we analyze and scan a file to automate it. What is the OCR system for? The meaning of OCR responds to an optical character recognition system by which the styles, text and format … Read more

What is scalping?

Scalping a technique of trading characterized by being a very short-term operation. In fact, they are usually operations that last a few minutes. Basically, it consists of achieving a rapid price movement motivated by a change in the trend or by the breakdown of a support or resistance. It depends on the objective or leverage … Read more

What are syndicated shares?

Syndicated shares are those parts of the capital of a company that cannot be freely transferred because such shares are subject to an agreement. This means that in order to transfer the syndicated shares it is necessary to previously reach an agreement with the rest of the shareholders. What are syndicated shares for? Syndicated shares … Read more

Savings account

The savings account is a bank deposit that works in a very similar way to checking accounts. Although in some savings accounts the availability of money may be somewhat less than in current accounts in exchange for a higher return on the money deposited in them. The remuneration conditions usually vary depending on the contracted … Read more

What is suspension of payments?

Suspension of payments is a judicial process whereby a declares that in those moments he is unable to respond to his debts. Thus, the definition of suspension of payments suggests that the company does have assets but that it has run out of certain solvency in terms of liquidity or cash. Therefore, the characteristics of … Read more