Post Date.

The post date of a credit card is the date on which the card issuer posts the transaction to the cardholder’s account. This is usually the date on which the cardholder made the purchase, but it may be later if the card issuer does not receive payment for the purchase until after the purchase date. … Read more

Chip-And-PIN Card Definition.

A Chip-And-PIN card is a credit or debit card that contains a small microchip which stores information about the cardholder and their account. The chip is read by a card reader when the card is inserted into the machine. The cardholder then enters their PIN (Personal Identification Number) into the machine, which verifies that the … Read more

Credit Card Encryption.

Credit card encryption is a security measure that is used to protect credit card information from being stolen. When a credit card is encrypted, the information on the card is scrambled so that it cannot be read by anyone who does not have the key to decode it. This makes it much more difficult for … Read more

Gift Cards.

A gift card is a type of pre-paid debit card that can be used as an alternative to cash when making purchases. Gift cards can be used to purchase items from a specific store or from a variety of stores, depending on the card. Gift cards are typically reloadable, which means they can be used … Read more

How the Merchant Discount Rate Works.

The merchant discount rate (MDR) is the fee charged to a merchant by a bank for accepting payments by credit or debit card. MDR is typically a percentage of the transaction value, and varies depending on the type of card used, with premium cards such as American Express generally attracting higher rates than standard Visa … Read more

Credit Card Arbitrage.

Credit card arbitrage is the practice of using a credit card to earn rewards, such as cash back or points, and then using those rewards to pay off the credit card balance. This can be a effective way to earn rewards and save money on interest, but it requires careful planning and management to avoid … Read more

Expired Card Definition.

The Expired Card Definition is the date on which the credit card expires. This is the last day that the card can be used. After this date, the card is no longer valid and can no longer be used to make purchases. Can I use an expired debit card? No, you cannot. An expired debit … Read more

Card Reader Definition.

A card reader is a device that is used to read the information on a credit or debit card. This information includes the cardholder’s name, account number, and expiration date. The card reader can be either a physical device that is attached to the credit card terminal, or it can be a software program that … Read more

What Is a Subprime Credit Card?

A subprime credit card is a credit card that is offered to individuals with less than perfect credit. These cards typically have higher interest rates and fees than traditional credit cards. Subprime credit cards can help people rebuild their credit history and improve their credit score. What are subprime loans called now? Subprime loans are … Read more

Charge Card.

A charge card is a credit card that requires the cardholder to pay the balance in full each month. There is no set credit limit, and the cardholder is responsible for paying any charges that exceed their spending limit. Charge cards are often used by people who want to avoid interest charges and carry a … Read more