Income tax is a impuesto, personal, progressive and direct that is taxed on the income obtained in a calendar year by individuals residing in Spain.

Personal income tax characteristics

The personal income tax, or income tax on pes, is a progressive tax, because the higher the taxable base is, it is taxed in a greater proportion, and directly because it falls or is directly taxed on the person.

The object of this tax is the taxpayer's income, understood as all of their income, capital gains and losses and the income imputations established by law. It is a tax partially assigned to the Autonomous Communities.

What returns make up the taxpayer's income?

The income of taxpayer make it up:

  • Earnings from work.
  • Returns on capital.
  • The returns from economic activities.
  • Capital gains and losses.
  • The imputations of income that are established by law.

Who are not obliged to file the Income Tax return on Individuals?

People whose income comes exclusively from work income and earn less than 22.000 euros per year if they only have one payer, or 11.200 euros per year if they have more than one, are exempt from filing the personal income tax return, with some exceptions. When yields from movable capital and capital gains subject to withholding are obtained below 1.600 euros per year and imputed real estate income below 1.000 euros per year.

Although all these requirements are met, people who have the right to a deduction for investment in housing, for a savings-business account, those who have made contributions to protected assets of people with disabilities and all those who wish to request income tax returns must submit the statement.


Learn how to calculate personal income tax to know what is the amount you will have to pay this year on your return.

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