What is inventory turnover?

The concept of inventory turnover is responsible for showing companies whether a product is selling quickly or slowly. This indicator serves as a reference for those who market their articles, also helping them to make decisions. Among other things, it will serve to know information about the inventory management as: The purchase agendas must be … Read more

What is an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is the portfolio or collection of different financial instruments or assets, such as stocks, bonds, bonds, shares in fondos de inversión, money or others. The sense of an investment portfolio is to allocate money to this type of product, in order to obtain a return within a specified period. However, it is … Read more

What is the isologotype?

The term isologotype (or isologo) occurs when an isotype and a logo are joined. Or put another way, an image and a text are presented that are united in the same symbol or graphic identifier. When registering the brand image this can present some problems, especially because of the cost that is usually higher than … Read more

What is interest?

Interest in economy terms It is defined as the data or index used to determine the profitability of a loan. This concept of interest also includes different types of indexes that help us calculate the savings, investments and costs of said credit. The definition of an index implies a set of data, money and percentage … Read more

What is inelastic demand?

There are many types of demands, and its graphic representation determines whether or not there is a relationship with the changes that occur or the type of good in question. Today we are going to talk about a specific type of demand. The inelastic demand is the one that does not change when the price … Read more

What is internationalization?

The definition of internationalization is the process by which a company creates the precise conditions to disembark in another international market. There is a tendency for companies to increasingly opt for the relocation and to direct their sales abroad. The concept of business internationalization implies a long-term process. It is not enough to have an … Read more

What is inflation?

Economic inflation is known as the generalized increase in the prices of goods, products and services existing in the market in a given period of time. In other words, inflation gives way to a decrease in the purchasing power of the currency, that is, a loss of its real value. One way to measure inflation … Read more


Income tax is a impuesto, personal, progressive and direct that is taxed on the income obtained in a calendar year by individuals residing in Spain. Personal income tax characteristics The personal income tax, or income tax on pes, is a progressive tax, because the higher the taxable base is, it is taxed in a greater … Read more

What is an inventory?

The meaning of inventory is the set of articles or merchandise that accumulates in the warehouse pending to be used in the production process or sold. Another definition of inventory linked to the economic sphere is the ordered list of goods of an organization or person, in which in addition to stocks, other types of … Read more

What does “In sight” mean?

A document, sentence or fact is in view when it can be claimed at any time. In the case of the economía, in sight it refers more to deposits or credits that do not have an established due date. In this type of case, the person who must be responsible for the payment must undertake … Read more