What is internal communication?

The definition of internal communication is the communication directed to the worker or employee of the company. It was born with the intention of providing answers to the needs of companies to motivate the human team and retain the best in an environment where changes are constant. This communication system informs about what happens within … Read more

What is the Internal Rate of Return or IRR?

The definition of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the rate of return provided by an investment, considering the percentage of loss or profit that said business will have for the amounts invested. It is a meter used in the evaluation of investment projects closely linked to the Net Present Value. It is also considered … Read more

What is the Index of Economic Freedom?

The index of economic freedom is used to measure the existing economic freedom in a given country. Twelve economic markers are used to perform its calculation. The index of economic freedom was created in 1995. Those responsible for its creation were The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, who were inspired by the work … Read more

What is an amending invoice?

The corrective invoice is a type of invoice whose objective is to correct any error that may exist in an invoice already sent. The error can be both an inaccuracy in the data that appears in it or also to add some mandatory information. The rectifying invoice cancels the previous invoice, so it is common … Read more

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is essential to promote the proper functioning of any company or organization. It allows determining the methods of entry and exit registration and classification of the products of a company at a given time, as well as the costs associated with the process of maintaining inventory. A company usually has a minimum amount … Read more

What is the share premium?

The meaning of issue premium is the premium to be paid for a share in relation to its nominal value. This premium is valued when a company already created chooses to make a capital increase favoring the entry of new partners into the company. This therefore implies that new shares are put up for sale … Read more

Impulse buying concept

You've seen it only once, but you already know you want it. You think that there will be no more opportunities and that you need it. This is the description that perfectly defines the concept of compulsive buying and from that moment you have seen that good, product or service there is no going back. … Read more

What is an imagotype?

Although the term belongs to the branch of graphic design, it is important that we take it into account for different actions that we can take in the company and the marketing. Thanks to graphic design, different marketing actions can be taken in the company, something extremely necessary to take into account so as not … Read more

What is the permanent contract?

The permanent contract is probably the most common type of contract that exists today. The concept of indefinite contract refers to the contractual relationship between worker and employer established without limits in time; that is, without the provision of services having an expiration date. The formalization of the indefinite employment contract can be verbal or … Read more

What is tangible fixed assets?

The concept of tangible fixed assets is defined as those physical assets of a durable nature that the required to develop their normal activity. For this reason they remain in your equity for a period of more than one year and at the time of acquisition there is no intention to sell them. Unlike the … Read more