What does “In sight” mean?

A document, sentence or fact is in view when it can be claimed at any time.

In the case of the economía, in sight it refers more to deposits or credits that do not have an established due date. In this type of case, the person who must be responsible for the payment must undertake the responsibility and make the disbursement immediately.

Demand deposits

It is one of the most common concepts when talking aboutin sight. Citizens have the possibility of depositing a certain amount of money in a bank and being able to establish it at sight (or without a fixed expiration date).

Thanks to this, the owner of the deposited at sight You can withdraw the money whenever you want, no matter how long it has been, as in other types of deposits.

You will pay on sight

This is another kind of another example where the term is usedin sight. This document has the possibility of being payable without a specific date and serves as a mode of economic transaction by the agents who carry it.

This type of document is used by those people who have an obligation to a debtor and have to pay off the debt at a future time, when required.

Other economic terms related to "at sight"

Finally, it should be clarified that there are many other terms where it appliesin sight to your definition. Most of them are related to stock market terms, the result (or meaning) being the same: a document or fact that does not have a specific expiration date, so it can be freely exchanged. In the change of financial assets, allows you to exchange bills of exchange or promissory notes with total freedom, as we have seen.

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