What is a debit card?

Debit cards are bank cards with a magnetic strip or a chip that allow you to carry out financial operations, whether they are passive (decrease the available balance), active (increase the balance) or neutral (that is, they maintain the available balance). It is one of the most widely used financial tools in the world and, unlike the Credit cards, in this type of cards it is essential that the holder has a balance in his bank account and not the one that the bank lends him.

With this, debit cards only allow payment up to the limit of the funds available in your account and payments are charged directly to the customer's account. They are useful for carrying out daily transactions, they do not include interest or deferred payments and they avoid the possibility of an excess of indebtedness, since if there is no money in the account, the user will not be able to make the necessary purchases.

To obtain a debit card, it is necessary to open a checking account at a bank and request information on the conditions of its acquisition, since some banks may charge an interest for its maintenance every year. Likewise, for security reasons, banks establish a daily limit of money that can be withdrawn at ATMs.

Know all the information about debit cards and the different types that we can find.

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