What is a debtor?

A debtor is the natural or legal person who must obligatorily respond to the payment of a debt. In addition, by the meaning of debtor it is understood that a person voluntarily committed himself through the acquisition of a good or service to pay a debt. According to the debtor concept, all debtors must answer … Read more

What is the tax address?

By tax domicile is understood the specific place, the address where a natural or legal person is registered with the Treasury. This is the address from which you face your tax rights and obligations (such as paying taxes or receiving notifications from the Treasury. The registration of the tax domicile by the corresponding tax agency … Read more

What is domestic demand?

When we talk about domestic demand or domestic demand, we refer to spending on goods and services and investments made by residents of a country during a certain period of time (which is normally every year, although it can be measured on a quarterly basis). In this case, when we speak of a resident, we … Read more

What is decentralization?

The concept of decentralization refers to the process that seeks the territorial development of a country, to end the differences between the different autonomous communities in order to guarantee access to all the territories of opportunities development and well-being. In decentralization, the central administration ensures the transfer of capacities to the regions with two essential … Read more

What is a defaulter?

The meaning of delinquent refers to the natural or legal person who has breached a obligation upon expiration. In the Spanish banking sector, it is applied from the third unpaid receipt. To be legally recognized as delinquent, a legal document must be in the possession of both parties that recognizes that the debtor delinquent is … Read more

What is a donation?

In economic terms the word donation is defined by article 618 of the Civil Code and following. The civil code establishes that a donation is an act by which someone freely gives away something in favor of another person who accepts it. A donation is a two-way legal business. In which the donor or person … Read more

Definition of Devaluation

Devaluation is the decrease in the nominal value of a current currency against another foreign currency and may be due to different causes, such as the lack of demand for local currency, or the increase in demand for foreign currency. In accounting terms, the currency devaluation is produced by the loss of the quality, the … Read more

What is the dissolution of the company?

Today nothing can be taken for granted, because suddenly we are through the roof and in the blink of an eye everything is gone. This is the context in which the today. In particular we are talking about the dissolution of the company, one of the most complex decisions that can be taken within an … Read more

What is a SWOT analysis?

The SWOT concept, also known as SWOT or SWOT, is a study tool that addresses the situation of a company or business project. To do this, it analyzes its internal characteristics, such as strengths and weaknesses, as well as external ones, such as opportunities and threats. This term comes from the acronym SWOT, from the … Read more

What is the journal?

The daily book of a company is used to collect day after day all the data and activities carried out by the entity in terms of economic terms. Therefore, the concept of a journal is understood as a most useful way to record day-to-day operations. The name received for each of the entries in the … Read more