What is a delivery note?

The delivery note, or also called a delivery note, is a commercial document that certifies that a shipment has been delivered correctly. The recipient of the shipment must sign the delivery note when receiving the delivery. In this way, the sender knows that his order has reached its destination, and on the other hand, the … Read more

What is the dividend per share?

The dividend per share is the amount of profit that a company has achieved and that is divided by the number of shares. Therefore, when a company has obtained benefits and this part of the benefit decides to dedicate it to the dividends (part of the profit that is distributed among the partners), the shareholders … Read more

What is Day Trading?

The Day Trading concept is a speculative investment system, which has many similarities with other investment models in which the investor makes purchases and sales of a certain financial instrument with the aim of obtaining benefits with the rise or fall of its price according to your forecasts. Unlike other investment systems, in Day Trading … Read more

What is responsive design?

The definition of responsive design is the web design technique that seeks a correct display of the same web page on different devices, ranging from computers to mobiles and tablets. More and more people access the network from devices such as smartphones and tablets, which encourages websites to adapt to different sizes. What does it … Read more

What is double entry?

The concept of double entry is the accounting system followed by companies to reflect and update their financial movements and transactions. Thus, the meaning of a company's double entry is linked to the accounting entries and with the accounts. But, as a characteristic of double games, there must always be an accounting balance between debits … Read more

What is a financial derivative?

Financial derivatives are a financial instrument whose value depends directly on the value of another asset. The market value of financial derivatives in finance is based on the value of another asset called an adjacent derivative. These financial products usually act in the stock exchange, although they are not required to do so. There are … Read more

What is a debit card?

Debit cards are bank cards with a magnetic strip or a chip that allow you to carry out financial operations, whether they are passive (decrease the available balance), active (increase the balance) or neutral (that is, they maintain the available balance). It is one of the most widely used financial tools in the world and, … Read more

What is distribution?

The definition of distribution is related to the set of actions that are carried out from the moment a product is made by the manufacturer until it is purchased by the final consumer. The objective of distribution is to guarantee the arrival of a product or to the customer. Distribution is one of the factors … Read more

What is the debt target?

Taking into account that the debt is a mandatory payment commitment between two entities (which can be the Public administration or a natural or legal person) the objective of debt is a type of financing that consists of borrowing money through the issuance of a series of financial instruments in the form of debt. That … Read more

What is a domain?

A domain definition is the identification network linked to a group of devices connected to the internet. The main purpose of domain names and the Domain Name System (DNS) is to translate the IP addresses of every active node on the network into terms that are easier to remember and find. This abstraction allows any … Read more