What is a financial Chiringuito? Definition and characteristics

A financial chiringuito is a company that provides its investment services illegally since they are not authorized to do so, without being registered with the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission). By offering the services illegally, the company cannot show any visible guarantee to the customer.

❗️Hay que tener especial atención y no confundir el término descrito con aquellas sociedades de valores, agencias de valores y otros intermediarios que estén especializados en mercados financieros (son las Empresas de Servicios de Inversión o Empresas de Asesoramiento Financiero).

In order for these financial bars to function normally and without being discovered, they have to change their domicile and company name frequently, which is why their duration is usually short. To attract customers, financial bars try to get customers through their optimal platforms telemarketing, who contact important investors encouraging them to obtain large profitability in different markets.

However, this is not the only way, since they can also find potential clients through advertisements in advertising media or offer their services through the Internet. Once the client has fallen into the "clutches" of her predator, the investor begins to be persuaded with the investment (which encourages her to be quick, making her unable to think about it).

If the investor is persuaded, he "invests" said money in the entity, which will then be in charge of sending said amount to a foreign company in a tax haven. At that point, the investor loses control of the money and therefore may not see it again.

👉 Para poder ver si estamos ante un caso de fraude o no, antes de invertir sería conveniente ver si la entidad está autorizada y registrada en la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores. Es la forma más eficaz de averiguarlo.

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