What is CPM?

The meaning of CPM is a measure used in the field of digital marketing industry referring to the cost per thousand impressions. Advertisers who serve these types of ads set the price they want for every thousand ads published, choosing the specific ad locations where they want their campaigns to appear and pay each time … Read more

What is a credit card?

Credit cards are plastic cards made up of a magnetic strip or a microchip and that constitute a form of financing that allows cardholders to pay for products or services without the need to have cash or checks. They can be issued by a bank or financial entity, a store or a service provider and … Read more

What is a cluster?

The cluster or economic cluster is a concentration of companies or institutions that are grouped together to be able to carry out a common activity in a certain area or geographic location in order to achieve certain benefits and efficiency. We can distinguish two types of cluster: Vertically integrated: companies are linked by supply chain … Read more

What is cash and carry?

The English expression cash and carry It is a type of commercial operation in which the buyer makes the purchase, pays in cash and takes the purchased product. He cash and carry, commonly translated as "pay and take it" is widely used in the wholesale trade. When a retailer, who owns a small or medium-sized … Read more

What is an administrative concession?

The concept of administrative concession refers to the authorization provided by a public entity to a private initiative for the purpose of exploiting a specific service or good. In a more rigorous way, it could be ensured that the definition of administrative concession is the legal business by which the administration assigns the management of … Read more

What is compounding?

The definition of capitalization refers to the evolution of a capital over a period of time. When an investment is made or a loan is requested, the intention is to obtain or give an amount of interest per year as payment for having that capital during the set time. Therefore it can be said that … Read more

What is coverage?

Financial hedging, also called hedging, is based on all operations carried out to minimize or eliminate the risk of certain assets or liabilities financial assets owned by a company. For this, so-called financial hedging operations are carried out, which are new acquisitions of assets, to reduce the risk of losing profitability in the other that … Read more

What is CAPEX?

The meaning of capex is the expense that a company makes in capital goods and that causes benefits for a company. organization, either through the purchase of new fixed assets or through an increase in the value of existing fixed assets. This term can also be translated as Capital Expenditure. Capex is the cash that … Read more

What is crisis?

The meaning of crisis in the field of economía refers to the periods in which the financial system goes through a delicate situation for a long period of time. When we speak of an economic crisis, it implies a series of negative changes in the main economic variables, especially in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) … Read more

What is a cost?

The cost, or cost of a company, is the money it costs a company to produce a product or offer a service, and then exploit it and try to make a profit. In this way, the cost includes all the expenses that the business activity entails. In these expenses we find raw materials, wageof workers, … Read more