What is Credit Card Cloning?

Credit card cloning also known as skimming is illegal and unauthorized copying of a credit card. Fraudsters copy information from your credit card physically and use an electronic device and the data from the stolen card to create a new card that works just like your card. Sometimes, fraudsters use fake or old credit cards … Read more

What is Close Position in Trading?

A close position in trading means that a previous position has been changed and trading has come to an end. A close position is an opposite of an open position in which the investor closes the transaction after making a profit or incurring a loss. There are two situations in which the investor or trader … Read more

Centralized Market

A centralized market is a type of national or local market in which securities and financial instruments are traded at fixed prices without any influence from competing markets. The quoted prices of securities shown on the market represent the only price available to traders seeking to buy or sell a particular security. The main centralized … Read more

What is compound capitalization?

Compound capitalization is one of the ways in which the calculation of an interest can be carried out, being the compound capitalization the one that in its calculation takes into account not only the amount of capital -such as occurs with the capitalización simple or simple interest – but also the amount accumulated as interest … Read more

What are cookies?

Browser cookies are files created by a website that contain small amounts of data and are sent between a sender and a receiver. On the Internet, the sender would be the server where the web is hosted, while the receiver would be the browser used to visit the Internet pages. What are cookies for? Cookies … Read more

What is a Collective Agreement?

We define collective agreement as the agreement or pact made between two or more people or organizations, on a certain matter. A collective agreement is therefore, a type of pact or agreement on the working conditions, rights and obligations, which regulate a certain professional sector. The agreement is the result of collective bargaining between the … Read more

What is a credit note?

An credit note it is a document that serves to demonstrate a refund. It is usually issued when after an invoice has been issued, there is an error in it, the products are incorrect or damaged or, a cancellation is given or a discount is applied on it, for which there will be a refund … Read more

What is the Dickey-Fuller Test?

The Dickey-Fuller test is a test that uses the statistics to know the presence of a stochastic trend behavior in time series of the variables that make up the test, by means of a hypothesis test. In other words, the Dickey-Fuller test will help us to know if there is a significant presence of trend … Read more

What is the capital buffer?

This term is determined and supported by Law 10/2014, of June 26, on the management, supervision and solvency of credit institutions, in which a capital buffer is understood to be a minimum requirement of solvency that credit institutions have to comply with in a given territory, and under certain premises. The capital buffer is understood … Read more