What is a framework agreement?

A framework agreement serves to establish common initial conditions for the contracts to be formalized on the basis of said framework agreement. In this way, it is intended to simplify the management of contracts, as well as facilitating adhesion to organizations or entities and Public Administrations.

Organizations that need supplies or services from other companies will do so through contracts based. This selection will be made by means of a public tender and will meet the specific needs that are required.

In the event that all the terms of the framework agreement are not defined, a second tender may be carried out, as long as it has been provided for in the framework agreement and the specific circumstances exist for it.

The conditions that are adjusted to the contracting will have to be set by the organizations in question, set out in the bases of the framework agreement. The body will be in charge of evaluating the offers and proposing to the General Directorate of Rationalization and Centralization of Contracting that service or purchase of the company that best suits the needs.

Types of framework agreement

Finally, we are going to comment on the 2 types of framework agreements that exist:

  • Framework agreements that do NOT have all the terms or conditions set out in the framework agreement. For each contract, a second bid will be made, and the process that has been explained above will be carried out. Terms and conditions that were not pre-established will be specified.
  • With all the terms or conditions that were established in the framework agreement. A second tender is not carried out, although in some it is carried out to improve market conditions (which would not be achieved if said tender were not carried out).

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