What is fluctuation?

The meaning of fluctuation is the act and consequences of fluctuating. Specifically, this verb refers to the oscillation of values, either increasing or decreasing alternately. The concept fluctuation has different meanings. In the field of finance, it refers to the monetary loss that arises from the decrease in a specific quantity of merchandise or due … Read more

Time deposits

A fixed term deposit is a product in which the customer delivers to The bench an amount of money over a period of time in exchange for remuneration in the form of interest on the capital borrowed. Payment of this interest can be made at the end of the period or in installments during it. … Read more

What is the financial liability?

Financial liabilities can be understood as cash or assets that are owed or have been committed to another entity and that must be paid in a specified period of time, whether in the short, medium or long term. Asset exchanges in which the company's position is unfavorable can also be included. What types of financial … Read more

What is the Price Earning Ratio (PER)?

The PER concept is one of the most used indicators to know the valuation of a share and to analyze the financial situation of the company in terms of quotation, evolution in the market and shares. This term comes from the initials in English Price Earning Ratio, which translated into Spanish would be the price-earnings … Read more

What is the merger of companies?

A company merger occurs when two legal persons or companies join their assets to form a company with the same ownership and administration, with which to continue developing the business activity. Because the companies they are not bought and they are not liquidated, the shareholders do not receive any money for their shares, but they … Read more

What is a Freight?

The term freight gives rise to different meanings, all of which refer to transport. However, the most popularized meaning refers to the transport of goods by sea and through the use of ships and maritime facilities that may allow it. On the other hand, as we have said, freight can mean other things: It also … Read more

What is financing?

A definition of financing is the contribution of money that a company or individual makes and that is needed to carry out an activity or project, such as the development of one's own business or the expansion of an existing one. The most common method of obtaining financing is through credits or loans. They can … Read more

What is a fiscal policy?

Fiscal policy is a type of política económica in which the state controls spending and income levels. And all this with a very clear purpose: to maintain the economic stability of the country, fight for full employment and achieve the lowest possible level of inflation. This branch of economic policy tends to occur in nations … Read more

What is front office?

The concept front office is a term that translated into Spanish means front office. Refers to the set of structures of a organization that manage the interaction with users or customers. It is classified as the space where the client can come into contact with the company, where the consumer is the main protagonist and … Read more

What is a fiscal year?

Whenever we speak of fiscal year or financial year, we refer to the twelve-month period that we use to balance the accounts of financial activities and calculate the reports we need for our business. Although it is true that these twelve months of rigor are relative (since the completion of a fiscal year does not … Read more