What is a scandal?

Have you ever wondered how to set the sale prices of a product or service? The first thing we think about is to calculate the cost of the product or the materials that it has and apply the benefit we want to obtain. The concept of scandal refers to the determination of the price that we must put on a product or merchandise, taking into account all the factors that intervene in it.

What is a price scandal good for?

The scandal is a tool that is used to obtain the calculation of all the costs involved in the development of that product or service. Within these costs we must include all the factors that influence the production process, be it the raw materials used, the personnel, the energy supply, and all the Indirect costs that we have.

Ultimately, the cost scandal is about getting how much the production of a unit costs to be able to define what its sale price is. Only by knowing exactly what the cost of developing or producing a product is, can we determine the ideal selling price to obtain the desired benefits. A bad calculation when making the scandal can cause losses for organizations.

The realization of scandals is essential to any viable business. One of the sectors in which this type of tool is most used is the world of cooking. The scandal in the kitchen is used to determine what the costs of the materials used in the preparation of a dish. To do this, technical sheets are used on the quantity of each product and its cost so that later we can know what price that dish should have.

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