What is a tenant?

The lessee is the natural or legal person who exercises their right to use a asset which is owned by a lessor and therefore it is not yours. It is the person who rents an asset for a specified period of time in exchange for paying a price thus.

Rights and obligations of the lessee

The lessee, as part of an operation, has its obligations. We will discuss the main ones:

  • The lessee has to pay the lessor as agreed for the use of the property. The payment installments can be called rent or rental It can be both monetary and non-monetary, as agreed between both parties and provided that the exchanged is of equal value.
  • It must be kept in good condition, since otherwise the contract could be terminated and respond to damages caused.
  • The individual is the one who pays for water, electricity and telephone services when it comes to property.
  • The real estate must be used for what it has been hired, not for any other purpose.
  • If the house is to be vacated, it must be notified in advance.

The most important tenant rights are:

  • If the conditions of the contract are not met, the tenant can stop paying the rent. This can happen when there are defects in the rented property or that prevents it from being exploited as stipulated.
  • Guarantees of habitability may be required, providing the tenant with a space that must be enabled for it. The conditions change depending on the property, the socio-economic conditions of the country, the place where the property is (if it is a property), etc.

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