What is Okun’s law?

This concept was coined by the American economist Arthur Okun, gaining great relevance among the economic and financial spheres of a country. Okun's law tries to define the empirical relationship between the variables of the unemployment rate and the production of a country (measured in the Start real that this one has). The linear relationship … Read more

What is a premium?

A premium is an additional charge added to a person's life insurance. The client pays the insurance company so that there is an increase in the risk of her policia. Life insurance is a method to guarantee security against anything that may happen to you, you are thinking about the future. But, oddly enough, life … Read more

What is financial lock-up?

The definition of lock-up is the period of time in which a certain operation cannot be performed. The reasons for these closing periods vary depending on the type of product. Why do a financial lock-up? For example in the field of fondos de inversión, the lock-up is the period of time during which the entry … Read more

What is working life?

Work life is the time that a person has accumulated working in companies or official bodies during their active life. In Spain, the age of people of working age is between 16 and 65 years. To know the jobs you have done and the time you have been in them, you can request the Work … Read more

What is a non-repayable loan?

Non-repayable loans, also known as non-refundable grants or non-repayable grants, are a good option if we want to start our business and we don't know how. It's about a loan which is granted by the Government of a country in question and which is used to finance our project. Normally, this type of loan does … Read more

What is a leveraged buyout (LBO)?

The leveraged buyout term (LBO) refers to the purchase of a company through external debt. Together with all the money, the complete sum is the one that finalizes the purchase of said company. As leverage, assets (such as goods) of the company to be acquired are used mainly, this allows to ensure the purchase and … Read more

What is a lender?

A lender is the person who gives money to another as a loan. He loan It is a contract by which an individual is obliged to return the money that has been loaned by another person. For this operation, the lender takes compensation or interest together with the return of the total capital loaned. It … Read more

What is sick leave?

Thework leave o Temporary disability refers to the inability of an employee to go to his job temporarily for a justified reason, such as an illness or an accident, either at home or at the job itself. In this sense, it is understood that if a worker requests sick leave, he or she will need … Read more

What is a landlord?

A landlord is a natural or legal person who, according to a lease, is obliged to have to transfer the temporary use of a good to a lessee. Normally, this action is usually done periodically and over a period of time. The landlord, however, does not have to be the owner of the good, but … Read more