What is an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is the portfolio or collection of different financial instruments or assets, such as stocks, bonds, bonds, shares in fondos de inversión, money or others.

The sense of an investment portfolio is to allocate money to this type of product, in order to obtain a return within a specified period. However, it is very important that in order to have room for maneuver when making our decisions, the amount of money invested is not necessary in the short term.

The reason for the above is that markets They change and, sometimes, even if we have done a good operation, we must wait a considerable time to obtain the result we expected.

How to make an investment portfolio?

One of the requirements that are usually advised when setting up a portfolio of securities is dispersion, or the varied content of the investment portfolio.

This advice has a practical basis, since, although it is possible to obtain losses by investing, the possible losses are considerably neutralized when you do not bet on a single security, but on many.

Depending on the type of investor that will constitute the investment portfolio, it will have to consider assets or a different percentage of assets, of each class, according to their greater or lesser aversion to risk.

Regarding the different types of assets, they can be distinguished: real estate assets, fixed rent and the assets of the variable income, mainly represented by shares.

Another important point is to determine who will manage the investment portfolio. Or, in other words, if we are going to manage the portfolio ourselves or we want someone specialized to do it, as in the case of investment funds.

Finally, it is necessary to determine the vehicle through which the investment will be made.

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