What is emancipation?

The concept of emancipation allows a minor who has an age between 16 and 18 years, to have total freedom to act and grants ability to act. This person is endowed with the ability to make decisions and act for himself, as if he were of legal age.

Motives for emancipation

A person can be emancipated for different reasons:

  • Compliance with the age of majority
  • Contract marriage
  • Judicial decision
  • Mutual agreement with parents

Despite the emancipation of the young, if the persons seeking to contract are both minors, they will need the permission of their parents or guardians. Despite the fact that a minor person is emancipated, she does not have the full capacity to act and has some restrictions on her actions such as encumbering or transferring real estate or of any kind, or requesting any kind of loan,.

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