What are IAE Captions?

The IAE epigraphs are the codes that show the economic activity carried out by each economic company or self-employed worker and that are used for the payment of the Tax on Economic Activities. This tax is levied on natural and legal persons according to the professional or business activity they carry out. It is a … Read more

What is external debt?

External debt is the amount of money that a country owes to creditors of other countries, be they companies, banks or institutions. It is made up of public debt and private debt. The first refers to the debts contracted by the State and institutions, while the private one is to be assumed by companies and … Read more

What is an employed person?

Employed workers are employees who, with the minimum legal age, provide their services to another person, company or institution in exchange for a wageor a remuneration, whether related, in cash or in kind. With this, employers, unpaid family workers and members of production cooperatives who work in the companies, as well as workers absent from … Read more

Definition of E-business

It is known as e-business or electronic business to the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) to carry out the activities and new strategies of a business. It involves a concept that radically changes the traditional conception of buying and selling products or services and produces a globalization effect on access to markets and … Read more

What is Empowerment?

The meaning of empowerment or empowerment is the management tool used by the areas of human resources of many companies to achieve better results, which basically consists of delegating or transmitting autonomy, responsibility and power to the workers of a company so that they can solve problems and make decisions without having the approval of … Read more

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is understood to be the use of email to carry out marketing campaigns. marketing between the people who have provided us with the data for these purposes. Not to be confused with spam, or sending mass emails without prior consent. In addition, this last behavior is prohibited by the regulations on data protection. … Read more

What is economic openness and what are its characteristics?

The term economic openness refers to when a country or group of countries eliminate or reduce the difficulties that may arise for trade or investment with other countries. In this sense, its main task is to promote free competition giving free rein to foreign competitors, attracting new talent, workforce and new investments. In the opposite … Read more

What is efficiency?

In economic terms, a definition of effectiveness can be the degree of fulfillment of the goals pursued through an action plan, without taking into account the economy of means used to achieve the objectives, as occurs with the concept of efficiency, a term that is often quite often confused with effectiveness. From the axiological point … Read more

What is the black economy?

En accounting terms and economy, it is understood by submerged economy to the set of activities of production of goods and provision of services that are developed for the market that avoids the fiscal and economic law of a country, among which are labor regulations, technical standards or security, etc. It is the sum of … Read more

What is EBITDA?

The meaning of EBITDA is a financial indicator that seeks to specify the profits or the profit achieved by a company or project, without taking into account taxes, financial expenses and other accounting expenses that do not imply the outflow of cash, such as Amortization, interest, taxes and depreciation. The main utility of EBITDA is … Read more