What is the SAP program?

SAP or SAP ERP is a resource planning software of a company in which certain functions of an organization are incorporated so that it can be integrated and serve as help.

Among some of the processes that are included in this software, we can highlight: operations (distribution and sales, material management, production planning, etc); the financiersaccounting and finance, in general); those of human resources (training, nĂ³mina, hiring); or those of corporate services (those referring to the environment, health, safety, etc.).

What advantages and disadvantages do we find with this software?

This management software has become one of the main reasons why companies hire or not staff in their offices. It is a very complete tool that greatly facilitates the procedures that are carried out through it.

In addition, the tool can be purchased by modules, which facilitates the purchase of packages specific to the needs of a company. For example, if a company does not work with stocks, you will not need that module, so it is discarded from the full software license package.


  • It allows to acquire the tool by modules, as we have commented.
  • As we have mentioned, it is a global tool that is integrated and does not take into account the possible barriers of language, culture, etc.
  • Only one update is required to fully deploy in the enterprise.
  • It offers an interface that adapts to the user's operations.
  • Information is provided in real time of what is happening, saving time and errors.
  • It greatly facilitates the operations of the workers.


  • Sometimes, although it can be purchased by modules, the supplier's packages do not have to fit into our company's business model, and adaptation can be more costly.
  • It can take time from when the tool is purchased to when you start to make a profit.
  • The tool may not be made for our business.

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